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• ANNO CATTI, winner, SCBWI-LA, Sue Alexander Award, 2018

• ANNO CATTI, runner-up, SCBWI-LA, Sue Alexander Award, 2017

• FAMILY PLANNING, winner, LA Ovation Award, Best Small Production


NAME: Julia Catherine Edwards


GREW UP IN: Westfield, Massachusetts (where "day-old" corn is cheaper)

LIVES NOW: in Altadena, California with my husband, our two kids, and Mimi the Wonderdog

SUPER POWER I WISH I HAD: Finder of Lost Things 

WHEN I WAS LITTLE: I wrote plays, performed them in our house, and made my parents pay to see them.  

WHEN I WAS LESS LITTLE:  I wrote plays, had them performed site-specifically, and even made audiences wander around a mausoleum in the dark.

PERSONALITY: High strung, highly organized disaster planner, of the hermit variety

WHAT I WANT MOST: Clean surfaces

FATAL FLAW: Need for clean surfaces


HOBBY:  Playing the fiddle, badly, but with tons of enthusiasm

FAVORITE BOOKS/CHARACTERS:  Paddington, Ivy & Bean, The Wind in the WillowsAmulet, anything by Kate DiCamillo or Kwame Alexander, Ender's Game, Pride and Prejudice, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Kingkiller Chronicles, any plays by Paula Vogel & Sarah Ruhl

IF I COULD TAKE ONLY ONE POSSESSION TO A DESERTED ISLAND: Dr. Gerald Healey, my stuffed bear who was named after my doctor from over thirty years ago.  He is a Bear of Very Big Brain who has had most of his fur loved off.

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