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writing prompts

writing mix

When people ask if you wrote your story from scratch, you can tell them the truth: Nope! I wrote it from a mix.  Pick one CHARACTER, one POWER, and one PROBLEM, mix thoroughly, then write!





• Cat





• Witch

• Wizard

Mad Scientist

• Ninja

• Unicorn

• Potato

• Dragon

• Cupcake

• Scorpions

• Pumpkin Man

• Fairy

• Snake

• Spy

• Your Toothbrush

• Ghost

• Zombie

• Robot

• Monster

• A stranger

• Choose Your Own!

• Shoots fireballs

• Super duper tiny

• Can find lost things

• Brain faster than a mega computer

• Shape shifter

• Plays the cello really well

• Can read minds

• Telekinesis

• Speak with animals

• Plant power

• Can control the weather

• Flying Power

• Invisibility

• Super strength

• Hypnosis/ Mind control

• Super speed

• Elastic

• Take animal form

• Teleportation

• Time travel

• Magical

• X-ray vision

• Control elements: fire, water, earth, air

• Choose Your Own!

• Discovers a magical amulet

• The lights go out...everywhere

• Lost something important

• Woke up in a different room

• Finds a secret door

• Discovers he has a clone

A giant squid attacks

Parents are abducted by aliens

Parents have been replaced by aliens

• Lives in someone's belly button

• Someone is trying to eat him/her/it

• Fell into a portal

• Disappeared into a book

• Alarm didn't go off

• Woke up and whole family was GONE

• Best friend won't speak to him/her/it

• Being chased by a killer

• Showed up to class & forgot there was a test

• Family pet was attacked by a mountain lion

• The Big Baddie is trying to take over the world--AGAIN!

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