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What Does This Have to Do With a DIY Blog Class?

Close your checkbook. Stop payment. You do NOT need to pay thousands of dollars for name-brand summer programs to make your child more competitive for college. These big-ticket experiences say more about a child’s privilege than they do about their own values or interests. 

Sara Harberson of Application Nation reports in her book Soundbite that: 

“When I was a newly minted [Admissions Officer], I was instructed to be on the lookout for these programs on the student’s application. Attending a pay-to-play program—or, most aptly, reporting it on the application—is risky if you are considering highly selective colleges. And the same goes for the student who writes about one of these pay-to-play programs in an essay. Just don’t do it.”

Instead, have your teen ponder a do-it-yourself project that will showcase their independent, self-starter nature--and cost no money.

What does this have to do with a DIY Blog class? Well, creating a blog gives your teen a hub to publish their work, research, findings, musings, etc. Perhaps they can list it on their college activities list or chat about it during an interview. But much more importantly, this is their dedicated space to delve into those big ideas that spark their curiosity, but they've never had time to pursue. The time is now. The world is waiting to hear!

DIY BLOG: 3 Saturdays, June 8, 15, 22, 1-3 PM.

On Pinecrest Drive in Altadena, near the Eaton Canyon gate. To register, visit:

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