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I refuse to let time mend my wounds
I refuse to move on
Don’t they understand?
Love isn't an emotion
It’s a place
You are my home
And I’m not leaving

Drama  |  90-100 minutes  |  5 performers



a love story 

of the 
messy, screwing up, begging for mercy variety

Plagued by nightmares of her love’s demise, Ellie pops the question out of the blue and Ari spirals into a commitment-phobic panic.  


Enter Ari’s estranged father, a siren from the sea, and a portal into the time bending fourth dimension.  


Suddenly Ellie’s life hangs in the balance as Ari attempts to tether himself to what truly matters in life.  

Committing to someone is the easy part.  It’s the “til death” part that gets messy.  

For production rights, contact the author

"A fabulously intimate conceit, carried out beautifully.  

This ride is irresistible.

                –Backstage West

I told you a million times I was ovulating tonight.

What is wrong with you?

Family PlanNing

"It destroys one's nerves to be amiable every day

to the same human being." 


Olivia is ovulating tonight, Hamish forgot.  He also forgot to pick up his mother from the train station. Then, his old screw-up of a pal and his new ditzy girlfriend show up out of the blue.  Yeah.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride!  


On one very bad night, Hamish wrestles with who his wife has become while Oliva wonders if it's still worth being married.  


You know...just another fun evening for a couple wondering if they will make it through the jungle of fertility issues to the happy family on the other side.  .  

For production rights, contact the author

Dramedy  |  90 minutes  |  5 performers

Family Planning

The Experiment isn't about creating mass hysteria.  It's about forcing people to take notice, to ask questions, to come to terms with the rat in us.

Dramedy with Music  |  90 minutes  |  7+ performers


Be a Part of the Rat Revolution!

Guerrilla artists Ariana and Ernest plaster NYC with posters threatening a Rat Revolution.  It's all a part of their Experiment to use art to wake people up to what's happening around them.  


Then, with a fairytale twist, art becomes reality.
El Raton rises up to rule the city and becomes the Man (with a capital M) that they have been warning everyone about.

Is all hope lost?  Or does this parable of fear and power give them the ammunition they need to Fight the Man!

For production rights, contact the author

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