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writing prompts

first LINES

Thank you to the young authors at Sequoyah School.  Most of these sentences are from their stories...

•  Once there was a cow named Lucy.

•  It was one of those spooky sleepovers.  

•  There was no way out.  

•  Once upon a time, there was a lollipop.

•  What if they knew who I really was?

•  It was another boring day aboard the spaceship.

•  Hi, I'm Pat Davis and I've got news for you.

•  There was a dragon flying in the night.

•  A man in a yellow coat held a little blue umbrella.

•  "Lavender, I have something really important to tell you."

•  I can't believe they want me to go down to Earth.

•  I've been trying to ignore it.

•  One day, Pig was walking.

•  The men were ready to advance.

•  It all started when my aunt visited.

•  What are you doing, Harold?!

•  I hunched my shoulders and crept low to the ground, hoping they wouldn't notice me.

•  It was all because of the broccoli.

•  My life is full of no's.

•  Once upon a time in a world, there was no time.

•  One day I was at Cheese Land and I was cutting down a cheese tree.

•  The stranger came early in February, one cold wintry day.

•  I stared in horror.

•  Once upon a time there was a puppy in the jungle when the dinosaurs were alive.

•  I ran, gasping for breath, sweat dripping down my forehead.

•  It started as a normal math class.  

•  Where was he?  Why was he here?  He didn't know.

•  There was a cat and a bird chillaxing on the beach.

•  "I'M BORED!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

•  There was once a garden with a magical flower.

•  The robbers stole the pineapples from the family.

•  The book--I told her not to read it.

It's just what it sounds like: pick one of these first sentences, don't think too hard, and just start writing! 

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